Dagmar Wankowski, Letting Art Heal

Creation is innate to each of us. Yet, to embrace its possibilities, we must overcome the limiting idea that we cannot create true art before becoming masters. Indeed, though German artist Dagmar Wankowski created throughout her life, she did not begin painting until 2001, when she was 47-years-old.

Before her first official exhibition, “Berliner Liste 2011,” Dagmar created for herself and, along the way, became the master artist that she is today. She urges us all, as she does, to view art as a supremely unique oasis of calm, “Even if we all do the same picture, you would still see the individual. Art should be a challenge to each of us. To tap into our creative energy. To surround ourselves with positive things. To get away from those moments where everything is chaos.” Not surprisingly, then, her works — across varied mediums and genres — exude potent tranquility that engulfs viewers with a sense of the possible.

Dagmar’s euphoric abstract canvases are a vibrantly blended example of the process-led abstraction that resonates with her international audience, brimming with visceral scrawled textures and the residue of monochromatic patterns and spontaneous drawing. Dagmar incorporates form, with mixed media and an exotic color palette, often to very vibrant results. Figurative elements drip, and earthy images appear, then melt away, in both her biological and conceptual galactic abstracts. Her canvases burst with energetic brushstrokes, giving her viewers a veritable buffet of gradient strokes to interlace colors and blend so seamlessly. Inwardly these abstract paintings could be reflective of chaos and harmony.

Exhibited around the globe, these creative shelters are Dagmar’s gifts to the world and its people. For, we are given the opportunity to embrace who we are in her works. When we can do so, we can inspire others to find the same freedom. This is where the magic happens.

Indeed, Dagmar is passionate about this wisdom when creating her own masterpieces and sharing the work of others. “When I purchase art for myself, it is at that moment I see it that I know I must bring it home. The artist has captured my attention. You don’t choose the painting; the painting chooses you.” Suffice to say, her abstract and vibrant works have chosen many, just as many have chosen to accept their invitation to creation. Most recently, Dagmar was awarded as one of ArtTour International Magazine’s Top 60 artists of 2020, a well-deserved recognition for such an inspiring artist.

Learn more about Dagmar Wankowski at www.wankowski.com/Dagmar_Wankowski
Follow her on Facebook @dagmar.wankowski



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Viviana Puello

Viviana Puello

Viviana Puello is a renowned art business expert, best-selling author, motivational speaker, media producer, TV host, founder of ArtTour International Magazine.