Igor Prokop, The Great Connection

Igor Prokop

The planet and its people have been suffering, long before the current pandemic. Perhaps no artist knows this better than Hungarian artist Igor Prokop, who has traveled the world almost compulsively — witnessing environmental destruction throughout Europe, North America, Africa, and Oceania. These travels have fueled his urge to create and his urge to create has fueled further travel, engendering his creative sense of responsibility for the planet.

Indeed, Igor believes that we have a higher mission that we still have not taken on, namely to prove our capacity to connect to and know the world. As he says, “We are all tiny parts within the great, unbelievable and, after all, not understandable system…Everything is connected — nothing is meaningless. Disharmonies with nature only exacerbate our inability to be part of the collective.” It is this holistic system, which humanity seems to only rarely and begrudgingly acknowledges, that is the focus of both Igor’s life and his art.

Only when we unite within this universal system, Prokop believes, can mankind solve its myriad problems. However, to do so, we must follow its natural laws, “When we violate these laws, we place ourselves in opposition with nature. To reverse the damage our world has sustained, as far as possible, we must think bigger and deeper. Everyone must learn to work together with the power of art.” This crucial pairing of creativity and science, which joins chaos and competition with order and harmony, drives his abstract canvases and their vibrant compositions and colors.

Indeed, Prokop purposively utilizes his works to show the interconnectedness of all life on earth. As he says, “The purpose of my art is to mold these dreamed, sensed, learned, discovered and very complex, really intricate systems into shapes and colors to create a perceptible, thought-provoking new world. These paintings, drawings, structures, with their complexity and intricacy, represent the fragile presence of the large, ubiquitous UNIVERSE.” It is to this universe — and to this planet — that Prokop’s art reminds us of our eternal responsibility, even as it necessarily reminds us of our ultimate responsibility to each other.

Learn more about Igor at https://prokopigoreugen.com/
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