Kimberly Berg Integrates Poetry and Visual Art, Heightens Role in Women Empowerment

People say an artwork acts as a looking glass, giving viewers a glimpse of the artist behind it. Kimberly Berg has used art not only to portray his poems as engaging visual narratives but also as an avenue to forward the cause of feminism. His art is designed to acknowledge the rise of women who have long been confined for too long in the shadows.

Kimberly Berg is a male artist aiming to contribute to the cause of feminism as much as possible and play a significant role in reshaping human history. His thought-provoking works are worthy of gracing museums. Believing that artists like himself have a monumental role in changing the narrative for women, Kimberly strives to produce art that empowers women to stand taller and boldly in this modern world.

Kimberly Berg’s latest works include intriguing pieces that combine his passion for poetry and visual art. After receiving encouraging comments for his recent works, the artist was encouraged to show them to a broader audience and inspire women to reinvent themselves, change their mindset, and claim their rightful place in society. “I want to reach out to feminists and those dissatisfied with patriarchy,” the artists said determinately.

“It is now known from an abundance of modern archeological evidence that men and women in pre-patriarchal, Neolithic societies lived in a social system that highly revered women. My paintings are created with the intent of restoring that kind of respect among men and a feeling of self-worth among women,” Kimberly Berg said. Above anything else, the artist is paving the way for men to see women not as secondary sex but as equals. Kimberly is not demeaning the role men play in society but, rather, seeks to reinforce the value of empowering women to make themselves known and respected.

It takes a lot of courage to produce provocative artworks aiming to alter the status quo. Still, Kimberly Berg is determined to bring his works to the spotlight and plant a seed among his viewers to challenge and transform society. With his poetic visuals today, the artist proves his uniqueness as he combines the impact of two powerful forms of artistic expression into one.

“When the power of the image is combined with the power of the word, it’s possible to create a very moving dynamic that encompasses both a striking visual impression and unexpected lucidity,” said Kimberly Berg. His recent works are unique in the sense that not many visual artists are also poets. Leveraging both of his innate skills, Kimberly produces stimulating works meant to awaken the bold integrity hiding within women.

Kimberly Berg received no formal training in art. The self-taught artist began his creative journey originally as a poet. Eventually, after being discouraged by the publishing industry, his artistry found its way into the world of visual art, a creative form he had always studied and admired during his brief visits to New York City. Every technique came naturally as time went by, and he discovered what medium worked best as a canvas for his mission.

“My main message is that women should not have to suffer under patriarchy. It has become an unfair social list of restrictions that limit women’s freedom to control their body, work at a job that pays women less than men for equal types of work; that denies women their equal rights as identified in the proposed Constitutional Equal Rights Amendment. If passed by Congress, its is a document that would free women from having to live under the arbitrary rules of an all-male hierarchy,” said Kimber Berg.

The artist feels that there’s no better time than now for women to rise. Through the power of art image and the written word, he is leading women one step closer to empowerment and achieving a more fair and inclusive society.

Learn more about Kimberly by visiting his website



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Viviana Puello

Viviana Puello

Viviana Puello is a renowned art business expert, best-selling author, motivational speaker, media producer, TV host, founder of ArtTour International Magazine.